R-Tutorial - Basics

1. Basics of R

2. Importing and Exporting of data

R-Tutorial - Data Management

3. Data exploration and Sub-settng in R

4. How to modify data with IF Else conditions

5. A to Z about merging in R 

       5.1. Few more things about merging in R

6. Appending datatsets in R

7. Functions and Operators in R

8. Sort Data in R

9. Data Aggregation in R

10. Data transposing R

11. Looping in R

R-Tutorial - Statistics

1. Basic Statistics with R - Know thy data

2. Frequency Analysis and Chi-Square Test

3. The Signature Correlogram of R

4. Linear Regression with R

5. Linear Regression with R - Model assumption check-up

6. Logistic Regression with R

7. Cluster Analysis with R

8. Decision Tree with R (using tree package)

Application of R

1.  Market Basket Analysis in R with example

2.  Decision Tree in R- A Telecom Case Study (using rpart package)

3.  Text Mining in R
Text Mining in R - Part 1 (Twitter Data Scraping)

Text Mining in R - Part 2 (How to make a basic word cloud)

Text Mining in R - Part 3 (How to make advanced word clouds)

Text Mining in R - Part 4 (Few important pieces)

Text Mining in R - Part 5 (Most basic Sentiment Analysis)

Text Mining in R - Part 6 (Sentiment Analysis with {qdap} package)

Text Mining in R - Part 7 (Sentiment Analysis with {sentiment} package - Naive '                                             Bayes)

Awesome way to visualize sentiment score

There are few articles on time series in which R has been used, we have enlisted those articles under the section "SAS n Stats" only.

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