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1.  ABC of Market Basket Analysis

2.  How to decide root node in Decision Tree

3.  How to remove line feed "CRLF" from field in SAS data

4.  Missing Value Treatment 

5A.  Outlier Detection and Treatment - A Fresh Perspective

5B.  Seasonality Index and Trend Variables

5C.  Outlier Detection &Treatment - Part 2 - Multivariate

7.  Concept of Concordance

8.  Errors in Hypothesis Testing

9.  Fuzzy matching of data          

           Spelling distance based matching (Spedis, Compged and complev functions)          
           Sound based matching  (Soundex)

10 . Understand p-value - A funny tale

11 . Ghost Story of Heteroskedasticity

12 . Concept of date in SAS

13 . Advanced Date function : INTCK

14 . Another Advanced Date function : INTNX

15. Mini Market Basket Analysis - Matrix

16. Hash Object Merging in SAS - Simplified

17. Create User Interface in SAS (UI)

18. Useful VTABLE in SAS

19. Spellbinding Proc SPELL

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