Python: A-Z of data handling with Pandas

Data Wrangling with Pandas

Data wrangling is the practice of converting data from a "raw" form into a user-ready form for descriptive analytics and provide feed for other horizons of analytics such as predictive analytics.

Pandas is a data-centric package(library) of Python eco-system for importing, manipulating, managing and analyzing data. This library was originally built on NumPy, the fundamental library for scientific computation in Python.

Ensemble Technique - Random Forest in R

Machine Learning Techniques - I

Machine Learning is a buzz word these days in the world of data science and analytics. R and Python have gone popular as these tools are full of advanced machine learning techniques.

@ Ask Analytics we have covered many basic machine learning techniques so far, now we are starting with advanced techniques!

The concepts of Bagging and Boosting

Ensemble Learning Techniques

In one of the previous posts we covered Random Forest, one of the most popular ensemble learning techniques. We covered concepts of bagging and boosting there, but not much in depth. Let's now understand the concepts of ensemble learning in greater details.

Data Aggregation in Python

Python Tutorial 6.0

After learning to merge and appending in Python, let's now explore how to do aggregation in the data using Python. By now we have entered into an intermediate level of Python programming, few more articles and you would be ready to enter the arena of advance python.

But before entering into the dangerous combat arena with the furious statistical techniques, better learn all the basic moves !!!

Decision Tree With Party Package

Decision Science

I still remember those olden golden days, when we did not have many options for anything, be it Biscuits or the Decision Tree. Generally people used to buy Parle-G biscuits in India and used to draw decision tree with SAS or SPSS.

These days market is full of assortment, which is both bad and good. Bad because people often get confused with too many choices, good because you don't have to compromise with lack of options. Data science has got evolved much with assortment availability. R itself provides you many packages to do the same work. Let's learn the beautiful party package for building decision tree and enjoy the power of assortment! Read it and you would understand the significance of its name.

Decision Tree in R with {tree} Package

Decision Science

We earlier covered the decision tree in R using {rpart} package in one of our previous articles. In R there are many packages that can be used for making a decision tree, out of which {tree} and {party} are my hot favorites. I will cover both of the packages one by one @ Ask Analytics.

Let's first learn usage of {tree} !

Descriptive Statistics With Proc Univariate

Feel your data !

Before going to a battle, a warrior better know what he is fighting against and so a data analyst ! It is advised to know and feel the  data before carrying out analysis on it. It is the best practice to examine the data initially by using the Proc Univariate in SAS.