Seasonality Index and Trend using SAS

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Following code can be used on the data with column names : year, Month, sales to calculate the seasonality index and trend variables.

Download the file to use in this  code  : Sales data in .csv format

/*  import data ... Change the file's location in the code */

Proc Import datafile = "location\sales_data_for_sas.csv"
out = sales dbms =csv replace;

/*  first the sales is replicated in another variable and a Row id counter 1,2,3,.... is generated ... this counter is very useful */

Data sales;
set sales;
sales_with_outlier = sales;

/*  Uni variate outlier detection and treatment */

Proc standard data = sales out  = sales_new mean = 0 std = 1;
var sales;

Proc expand data = sales_new out = sales_new;
convert sales_with_outlier = lag_sales /transformout = (lag 1);
convert sales_with_outlier = lead_sales /transformout = (lead 1);

Data sales_new;
retain counter year month sales_with_outlier Sales_treated;
set  sales_new;
If abs(sales) > 2.5 then Sales_treated = sum(lag_sales,lead_sales)/2;
else Sales_treated = sales_with_outlier;
Drop time sales lag_sales lead_sales;

/*Calculation of Seasonality Index*/

Proc SQL;
create table SI as select month, mean(Sales_treated) as mean_sales
from sales_new
group by month;
Proc SQL;
create table SI as select *, mean(mean_sales) as divisor, mean_sales / calculated divisor as seas_index
from SI;
Proc SQL;
create table sales_new as select a.counter, a.year, a.month, 
a.sales_with_outlier,a.Sales_treated, b.seas_index
from sales_new as a join SI as b
on a.month = b.month
order by counter;

/*Calculation of Trend variable*/

Proc Reg data = sales_new;
model Sales_treated = counter;
output out = sales_new p= Trend;

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