Radar chart on my radar

Try Radar Chart ... It is Awesome

Last night in my dreams, Radar chart knocked at my subconscious mind ... it was crying like hell. I asked the reason, it said, "All other Charts e.g. Line, Bar and Pie have become superstars like Khans of Bollywood but I am left behind like Ashmit Patel".

I said, "You are last in the charts' list in Excel, it is making you most neglected one. Also you looks like a Cobweb and are quite scary, where can we use you." But being too warm-hearted, I promised it a break. I tried to find out its utility and now I feel that it is really worth using ... n ... I was missing something, not using it so far. Would you like to know about it ?

Learn it with the example explained below and then you can think of multiple usage of it in your work later.

I have taken a hypothetical data in starting of sheet and below the main table, a subset has been taken.

First two column of the subset table have been made static, however third one has been made dynamic based on list box selection.

Very basic formulae have been used, for which you can refer the file downloaded from above provided link.

Now on the subset data, a Radar chart has been created. You can find it in the list of other chart as last option.

A little formatting and adjusting the major axis etc, we get the following chart.

We can compare mutiple dimension in a beautiful way using this. Although, same thing can be done, using a combo of Line and bar chart, but what's the harm in trying something new. You never know, it might your click to your client or boss ...

it is very to easy to interpret as I have created a minimum criteria line with dashed blue and then solid red line for selected option. We can see at a go at what parameter, the Website is being evaluated in higher order.

Would come up more of its usage soon ... as I have promised Mr. Radar ... that I would make him Superstar ...

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