Base SAS - Few basics

Let's learn few basics before going into depth

This is the first article in the series of Base SAS that covers the very basic things that a SAS analyst need to use day in day out.

As there are too many things to learn about it, but we are covering are those things which are  practically being used.

For that let's import a data into SAS. use the following file for the same.

Download this data for using in below mentioned code  >>  Exam_results.csv

proc import datafile =  “Location\exam_results.csv.csv"
dbms = csv replace
out = data;
Getnames = yes;
guessingrows = 200;

/* Below is the procedure to view the data in output window */

proc print data = class; run;

Now let's learn vertical sub-setting. So when keep / drop few variables off the data, I call it vertical sub-setting of data

data name_subject;
set class;
keep name subject;
data name_subject;
set class;
drop marks;


Both above codes are similar ... just two ways for saying same thing.

Now let's learn horizontal sub-setting on the basis of observations positions, without using any logic. We would learn logical sub-setting later while learning here and if ...

Options firstobs = 4 obs = 10;
Data subset ;
set class ;
drop subject ;
rename name = first_name ;
percentage = marks / 100;
format percentage percent5. ;
run ;

So under options, we have used firstobs and Obs for sub-setting.

Firstobs : instructs SAS, " Start data from here"
Obs      : instructs SAS, " Take data up till here"

Few more basics :

>     and   GT are same
>=   and   GE are same
<      and  LT are same
<=    and  LE are same
=      and  EQ are same
~=    and  NE  are same

Enjoy reading our other articles and stay tuned with ...

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